Committed to Excellence

About us - Who We Are

At Estal, we create comprehensive product packaging solutions. Design and innovation come together to offer our customers premium glass packaging that is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

We support creators and brands as they navigate the design phase and play an essential role during production and the birth of each new creation. Our commitment to innovation aims to present brands with a world of possibilities that faithfully reflect the style, values, and emotions that resonate with the end consumer.

About us - Our Model

Our aspiration is for each brand's product, inside our packaging, to send a message to the world: one of creativity, talent, quality, elegance, and disruption...

By complementing glass with our customization solutions such as closures, decorations, and designs, we bring consumers closer to the essence of the brand, leaving an indelible mark in every creation—a mark that each creator imparts to their product and launches into the market as part of their identity.

Innovation is our way of embracing progress. Nature is our mirror, and it is within it that we seek to reflect ourselves—always advancing and evolving, capable of devising solutions that bring us closer to brands and reinforce our commitment to the market and its consumers.

About us - Our Commitment

Our values are reflected in our work, but above all, in the way our team operates:

  1. Understanding Creators
    We believe that creativity is a way to make the world better. We provide support throughout the entire process with agile and transparent management. We share with the world all ideas that contribute positively.

  2. Innovating to Progress
    The world changes, and we change with it through new ideas, new tools, and new products. We identify opportunities and create trends. We do this with the intention of making a positive and conscious impact.

  3. Effort
    We foster a culture of effort within our teams as a tool for change. We put everything we are and believe in towards improving everything within our reach.

  4. Pursuing Excellence
    In our designs, in our products, in our processes, in our management, we demand the highest quality standards to create value for your brand and society.

  5. Commitment
    We are 100% committed throughout all phases of the production process, capable of contributing ideas and transparently monitoring the entire manufacturing process.

  6. Agility
    We anticipate market needs by providing solutions quickly, efficiently, and in line with our values. We understand that creativity and innovation require speed in their processes without losing sight of our commitment to social and environmental transparency.

  7. Sustainability
    We are inherently sustainable and apply innovation to improve products and production processes, favoring a qualitative model over a quantitative one.

About us - Socially Responsible

We care about the planet and the people who inhabit it.

We work with products and materials inherently sustainable: 100% recyclable glass, cork closures, and activated charcoal. Our "Wild World" concept is a commitment to always combine innovation and sustainability.

We create packaging solutions that enhance the quality of the packaging and the consumer experience while minimizing environmental impact.

About us - Committed to People

Committed to People

At Estal, people are the most important aspect. They make everything possible. That's why we create a pleasant work environment where challenges are shared, and we progress together towards the best goals.

And we firmly believe that by taking care of our teams, we contribute to essential well-being, allowing them to enjoy life and make a positive impact.

Committed to Society

Committed to Society

Together, we can make this world a better place. We may not be able to change everything, but we act in our immediate environment and collaborate with social causes, dedicating resources, time, and efforts while involving the entire team.

  • We support culture through our collaborations with the Festival de la Porta Ferrada, Delirium Festival, or Festival Espurnes.
  • We assist people at risk of social exclusion through the Impulsa Foundation.
  • We work, through the People department, to promote diversity and inclusion in our teams.
  • We support research through initiatives alongside Giroinfant.
Socialmente responsables


Since 1998

Over 25 years ago, we began offering premium glass packaging. Today, we continue to embrace design and the challenges of innovation, with much more experience and many new members in the Estal family.

Talent - Team

Today, we are a team of 80 professionals working together to become a global leader in packaging solutions. And tomorrow, you could be a part of it, contributing your knowledge, experience, and team spirit.

Do you want to work with us?

Do you live glass as we do?

If your passion is creating and you believe that innovation is the path you want to follow, we would like to get to know you. We are looking for individuals with a forward-looking vision and values that align with ours.

You can send us your CV to We look forward to hearing from you.